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Download Panduan Penggunaan Canon Eos 600d Bahasa Indonesia dargodr




Camera does not read Image.The camera will not read an image if it is rotated, locked or the Mode dial is on "K" (dipping). If the Mode dial is on "A" (shooting), a "cannot read" error will be displayed. Make sure that the camera is turned off and rotate the memory card. Caution · Caution Rotate the camera in the opposite direction of the arrows to keep the image from falling off the "surface" and keep it stable. · Caution Lock the camera while using the cable release and film advance. · Caution When connecting the camera to the camera's optional 2.0" LCD monitor, align the screen to the position that the camera lens is pointed to and then move the camera to avoid image displacement. · Caution When a locking lever on the "focus" ring is pointed up, you can adjust the focus. The "focus" ring is a locking lever. · Caution Rotate the camera 180 degrees in the same direction of the arrow in order to check the LCD screen. · Caution When a multiple exposure lock is indicated on the camera LCD screen, you can set multiple exposure. · Caution As soon as the camera is turned on, a multiple exposure lock may appear on the LCD screen. · Caution The camera is not set to the "ISO AUTO" mode if the shutter button is half-pressed. · Caution Press the shutter button to focus, while the AE lock function is on, until the shutter button is half-pressed. · Caution During power-off, if the "AF" button is pressed in the AF/AE-L mode, the camera will exit the "AF" mode. · Caution When a live view image is displayed on the LCD monitor, and the shutter button is half-pressed, the live view image will not move. · Caution The a.out file will not be saved if the Format or Rename function is performed after a multi-image file is saved and the "Format/Rename" mode is selected. B. Installing the Accessories · Installing the Accessories · Installing the accessories · Installing the flash · Installing the ND Filter · Installing the Card Reader · Installing the Optional Lens · Installing the Live View Adapter · Installing the Built-in Speaker · Installing the Battery Pack · Installing the AC Adapter · Installing the Cleaning Kit C. Attaching the LED Light ·



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Download Panduan Penggunaan Canon Eos 600d Bahasa Indonesia dargodr

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